Network Traffic Analysis

Research focused on the application of data analysis methods to network security and anomaly detection at network level. Some explored topics are: traffic characterization and classification; covert channels; network attacks, anomalies and misconfigurations; analysis methodologies and frameworks; feature selection; analysis of large networks and the Internet Background Radiation (aka darkspaces).

NTA Database: Curation of Network Traffic Analysis Research

With the NTA Database we aim to collect relevant information about the research in network traffic analysis conducted during the last years. To this end, we have curated related papers from journals and conferences and stored the extracted data in JSON files. You can access database files, first meta-analysis results and data structure descriptions here.

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Analysis of the IBR based on AGM vectors

We analyzed captures from the Internet Background Radiation (aka darkspaces) by using the AGM format. Time series, plots, descriptions of classes and datasets are available for consultation.

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